Procedure for Protecting our Children

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati has instituted the following procedure regarding fingerprinting and background checks of volunteers and employees*.  All volunteers MUST attend the VIRTUS training class, EVEN IF YOU HAVE ATTENDED THE PREVIOUS  CHILD PROTECTION CLASS.


As of January 1, 2014, SELECTION.COM, a long-established Cincinnati company, will be responsible for manual background checks for all volunteers, teachers, and all employees.


  1. From your computer, register online for a Virtus Training Class at Choose Cincinnati from the pull down menu. KEEP YOUR USER ID AND PASSWORD-YOU WILL NEED IT AGAIN.

  2. Select St. Helen as your PRIMARY location. You may select secondary/additional locations at this time, if necessary.

  3. Attend the Virtus training class for which you registered.

  4. After you have completed the Virtus Training Class, call the parish office. You will receive a code to cover the cost of online background check.

  5. Log on to your account at and choose the “Toolbox” tab.

  6. Select the background check tab (on the left in yellow) and complete the required information.

  7. When you get to the payment section, enter the code you were given, in the box labeled Fastrax Token, and click “Submit.” A message will appear on the screen, “Completed Successfully!”

  8. Complete the remaining information and submit.

  9. Your request has been submitted to the Archdiocese.  Your parish will receive a report regarding your attendance and participation in the program and you will be notified once the process is complete.

  10. Until both the Virtue Training and background check are completed and approved the any volunteer and/or employee may not have contact with children.


How to sign up for Virtus training and do background check


Decree on Child Protection


Questions can be directed to the parish office at (937) 254-6233 Ext: 302 or the VIRTUS help desk at 1-888-847-8870.

*All employees (including teaching, non-teaching, priests, deacons, office/cafeteria/playground staff) are required to have an approved before form, approved fingerprints, completion of the VIRTUS Child Protection Training Class, and approved online background check before any contact with children can occur.  All volunteers  must have completed the Virtus Child Protection Training Class and have an approved online background check prior to any contact with children. 

Updated January 5, 2019

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