Welcome to all our new students and families and welcome back to all our returning students and their families. We will have a busy time in the Visual Arts Program this school year. This is what you can look forward to doing and learning.


Kindergartners will hone fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Students will draw pictures and using colors to enhance your work. The classes will look at pictures and books that show how to tell stories. They will learn words like thick, thin, curved, wiggly, and round. In addition the youngsters will learn primary, secondary colors and learn how to mix secondary colors. They will make collages demonstrating how a collage is another way to create pictures. All will practice skills of observation and try to draw what is seen. The children will learn how to be kind critics and to use words to describe what we see in the world around us.

First Grade:

First grade will start by using skills they learned in kindergarten to draw. Then they will move on to cutting and pasting using various materials and textures. These items will be used to illustrate their own story. The classes will build a sculpture out of paper and cardboard and name it. Students will practice making tints and shades using tempera paints and review how to make secondary colors. The children will use their hands to mold modeling clay and twist wire and pipe cleaners into more sculptures. All will learn that in a landscape or seascape the sky and earth meet at the horizon. There is no white space. The youngsters will learn and use adjectives to describe what we observe. Pupils will learn to paint “word pictures,” so others can imagine what we are observing. Finally they will weave with paper.

Second Grade:

Second grade will begin with pattern making: using sponges to create a repeated pattern on paper. Then students will work on textures and how to make them appear with rubbings. All will decorate masks and learn how many cultures use them for special rituals. They will learn about Alexander Calder, how he created moving art call mobiles, and then create their own mobiles. The learners will practice planning what they wish to create and thinking about what materials and procedures they will need to follow. They will also practice painting skills using tempera paints and work on molding with model clay.

Third Grade:

Third grade will start by practicing observation of color, texture, pattern, shadow, and shape by drawing from life. Students will paint using tempera paint and practice creating their own palette by mixing primary and neutral colors. The children will create sculptures out of found materials and present them to the class displaying respect and good listening skills. They will also mold people and animals out of clay.

Fourth Grade:

Fourth grade will start with an emphasis on the six elements of visual art, line, shape, texture, space, value, and color. They will then explore the four principles of art: balance, unity, emphasis, and rhythm. The students will look at different examples of art work and learn to use appropriate vocabulary to describe what they observe. The children will work in all three dimensions, practice presentation, and good workmanship in all projects.

Fifth Grade:

Fifth grade will start with the exploration of color and mood in painting. They will accomplish this by painting a series of pictures and using color as a way to convey feelings. All will weave in yarn exploring how humans create objects, fabrics, and containers using various weaving techniques. The classes will work in chalk pastels and charcoal, and practice drawing still life to hone their visual skills. The students will use their understanding of design to craft simple projects from beads. Finally the pupils will assemble and decorate a wooden model.

Sixth Grade:

Sixth grade will start by using small things to create large. All will learn the technique of mosaic creation using paper. Then the children will work on painting in the style of the impressionist, exploring how they were able to create their visual effects. They will create their own container in paper-mache. Students will explore print making and how to use diagrams to communication instruction.

Seventh Grade:

Seventh grade will start by exploring the art of stained glass windows. Then they will model the technique using cardboard and colored film or tissue paper. Learners will explore all the ways humans decorate and enhance their environment. The kids will learn different print making styles. They will create mats out of bags and work with fabrics to create 3-D animals. Students will perfect their watercolor skills and learn how to recognize and create atmospheric perspective.

Eight Grade:

Eighth grade will begin by creating and weaving on a circular loom to create a soft basket. They will complete a study in color learning how color choice and use changes the space on a painting. The children will explore how graphic artist use images to convey very particular messages. Students will learn how to depict perspective on a 2-D surface and examine the work of various artists both modern and classical. All will complete a study of Marian Art and complete icons of individual patron saints.

Mrs. Faye Benjamin

Last Updated on December 11, 2018

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