Grade 3

At St. Helen, third graders are actively engaged in the academic curriculum and faith formation. Students participate in weekly Mass, Faith Family Mass planning and activities, and various service projects including a focus on the elderly. Through the Virtue Based Restorative Discipline structure, students study and practice monthly virtues.


  • In Religion, students focus on Jesus’ life, feast days in the Church, Pentecost, and the four marks of the Church. Prayer is a vital part of the religion program with students learning various prayers, including the Apostle’s Prayer, and their meanings.

  • In Language Arts, reading comprehension is a major focal point. This includes fiction and non-fiction text with students finding evidence in reading passages. Students also incorporate vocabulary and writing into assignments. In Writing, students learn major types of writing to include narrative, informational, opinion, and persuasive. Spelling and Handwriting are included in the Language Arts curriculum. Students also take the Third Grade Reading Guarantee test.

  • In Math, multiplication is the main concept learned in third grade. Students use multiplication songs and various activities to learn facts. Students love the end-of-year ice cream party rewards for successfully learning the multiplication facts. Other areas of study include multiple digit addition and subtraction, fraction basics, and geometry.

  • In Social Studies, map skills are taught with students designing their own map of the imaginary “Candy Land”. Students also learn various skills and concepts in the areas of government, economics, history, and an in-depth study of Australia and Antarctica.

  • In Science, students are introduced to the scientific method and complete various activities and labs. Subjects of focus include matter, plants, the Earth’s resources, energy, and health. A field trip to the Narrows Reserve enables students to learn about the local area in respect to the focal subjects.


St. Helen students also participate in special classes including Art, Keyboarding, Library, Music, and an introduction to Spanish. Each third grade student has access to Chromebooks and the school’s computer lab.

Mrs. Nancy Wing

Mrs. Susan Chalecki 

Updated on January 17, 2019

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