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Tuition Assistance

The EdChoice Scholarship Program

The EdChoice Scholarship Program is offered by the State of Ohio. This program assists thousands of families with state-funded scholarships to private schools.

  1. EdChoice scholarship program is NOT income based. It pays $6,165 per year, which covers the total St Helen tuition. The following students are eligible to apply for this scholarship. 

    • Those enrolled in and attending EdChoice public school buildings in their districts of residence. ​

    • Students enrolled  in and attending community schools who would otherwise be assigned to EdChoice public school buildings. 

    • Students enrolled in and attending public schools in their districts of residence who would be assigned to EdChoice public school buildings for the upcoming year. 

    • Students enrolling in Ohio schools for the first time who would be assigned to EdChoice pubic school buildings. 

    • Students eligible to enter kindergarten in fall (and who will be 5 years old by January 1) who would be assigned to EdChoice Public school buildings. 

    • Students whose sibling received a traditional EdChoice Scholarship in the previous year. 

    • Students entering grades K-6 who would be assigned to EdChoice public school buildings regardless of where they attended school the previous year

    • Students who previously received a Autism or Jon Peterson Scholarship but no longer qualify because they no longer need special education services. 

    • Students who are in foster care. 

    • Students who reside in a certified foster home. 

    • Students placed with a guardian, legal custodian or in kinship care. 

    • Students who reside in the same household as a student who was placed with a guardian, legal custodian or in kinship care for at least 45 consecutive days. 

    • Students who reside in the household of another for at least 45 days and but for not living there would have been homeless

    • Students who reside in a household with a student who would have been homeless (see previous criteria) for at least 45 consecutive days. 

  2. The EdChoice Expansion Scholarship is an income-based program. It provides state-funded scholarships to K-8 students.  This scholarship must be used to attend private schools that meet requirements for program participation. 

 If you have any questions regarding the EdChoice Scholarship process or to start the process please contact our EdChoice Coordinator Sandy Goble at

Early Childhood Education Expansion Scholarship

The Early Childhood Education Expansion Scholarship is offered through the State of Ohio. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide an opportunity for eligible preschool-aged children to receive high-quality early education services. St. Helen School is awarded a limited number of scholarships to families of current and incoming preschoolers each academic year. For more information about this scholarship, please see the website.

Please contact our main office for a scholarship application.

The Catholic Education Foundation (CEF)

The Catholic Education Foundation for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati offers Tuition Assistance Grants Annually. Families of elementary students (K-8) may apply for this income based assistance. Deadline is typically in January.  For more information please visit

Monsignor Krusling Memorial Scholarship

The Monsignor Krusling Memorial Scholarship is available to all currently enrolled seventh graders who plan on attending St. Helen School for the eighth grade year. Applicants must submit an application and essay to be considered.

Please contact our main office for a scholarship application.

Laszlo F. Hary Scholarship

The Laszlo F. Hary Scholarship opens in the fall to any 8th grade student attending St. Helen Catholic School who has applied for admissions to Archbishop Carroll High School.  If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, please visit the Carroll website at for more information.  All applications are due by December 1 for consideration.

FACTS Tuition Assistance Program

We are blessed to have the support of our parish.  St. Helen Parish currently assists our families with their tuition. In addition to this, our parish also offers additional tuition assistance for parishioners based on financial need. This assistance is available to parishioners who would otherwise be unable to send their children to St. Helen School.  Eligibility criteria are:

  1. Be registered members of St. Helen Parish.

  2. Participate regularly in the prayer life of the community, especially Sunday Eucharist.

  3. Volunteer annually either at school or Parish.

  4. Use offertory envelopes on a regular basis to give moral and financial support to the Parish.

St. Helen will be using the FACTS Tuition Assistance Program to determine financial need. If you are a parishioner and would like to apply for financial aid, please log onto the FACTS website. Once the online application has been completed, the following information will need to be sent to FACTS to complete the application process:

  1. Copies of your most recent Federal Tax Forms including all supporting tax schedules

  2. Copies of your previous year W-21 forms for both you and your spouse

  3. Copes of supporting documentation for Social Security Income, Welfare, Child Support, Food Stamps, Workers’ Compensation and TANF

All supporting documentation can be submitted by:

  • Upload in pdf form online through the FACTS website

  • Faxed to 1-866-315-9264 (Please include the applicant ID.)

  • Mailed to: FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment P.O. Box 82524 Lincoln, NE 68501-2524

Updated: August 20, 2023 

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