School Pride

The St. Helen school mascots are Hector the Trojan and his trusted friend Ajax.

In Greek Mythology, Hector was the son of the King of Troy. Hector was a Trojan hero and warrior. He was also a  noble, an honorable leader and a trusted friend. Hector was honest in his dealings with others. In times of trouble, Hector asked others to pray with him for guidance.

Ajax, another mythological Greek hero was the son of King Telamon and Periboes. In Homer’s Illiad he is strong and courageous. In mythology, Hector and Ajax battle each other, but later express admiration for one another and exchange gifts. Our Hector and Ajax are fast friends!

Each year eighth grade students are invited to try out for the role of Hector and Ajax. The honor of this position is awarded to the student who embodies the best traits of a St. Helen Trojan and shows the most school spirit. We are proud of the many students who have held this distinguished role over the years.

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School Colors

Royal Blue and White

School Song

Colossians Virtue Song -
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Last updated on December 13, 2018