Grade 4

St Helen School supports the virtues of St. Paul by clothing ourselves with heartfelt mercy, kindness, humility and love. We are committed to supporting one another as students of Christ. At St. Helen School, your fourth grade student will receive academic instruction that is well rounded and engaging.


  • In religion, the focus for fourth grade is on the Ten Commandments, the liturgical year, and basic Catholic teachings. The goal is always to lead the students closer to their faith and to God. Forth grade will learn the Apostle's Creed.

  • In language arts, students will work on a variety of skills in reading, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, writing, and handwriting. The reading focus is novels and short stories that encompass multiple genres of fiction and non-fiction. Students’ vocabulary skills are strengthened from pairing our reading vocabulary with our series, Vocabulary Workshop. The focus of spelling and grammar is on enhancing students’ writing in numerous areas.

  • In math, students will focus heavily on multiplication and division processes, fractions, measurement, and geometry. Students will continue to solidify number sense skills and work on mixed computation. Students will have the opportunity to work in groups and pairs, as well as with technology and varied manipulatives. Students will also experience real-world problem solving.

  • In social studies, the focus for fourth grade is on regions of the United States and concentration on Ohio History. The geography of our nation is important to understanding where we live.

  • In science, students will study the following concepts throughout the year, life science (plant life), environment (pollution), health and nutrition, physical science (forces, energy and mechanics). Students will get to participate in STEM learning centers that help them to collaborate as a team and uncover the engineering design process.

Students participate in extra curricular classes including: art, keyboarding, library, music, introduction to Spanish and physical education, during the school day.

Mrs. Kim Croft

Mrs. Alyssa Yanak

Mrs. Carol Weimer

Mrs. Carrie Blanco

Updated on January 17, 2019

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About St. Helen School

Since its opening in 1954, St. Helen School strives to promote the spiritual and intellectual development of every student.  First in the State of Ohio to be certified as a Virtue Based Restorative Discipline School, students are educated in the Catholic Faith, prepared for the sacraments, and attend weekly Mass. St. Helen, located in Riverside, Ohio, is a community that celebrates diversity and welcomes families from areas including BeavercreekDaytonFairbornHuber HeightsRiverside, and military families from Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

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