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Grade 6

The St. Helen Faculty strives to provide students with a thoroughly Catholic and academically excellent experience that is enveloped in a safe, nurturing and Christian environment. Students in this vulnerable life-stage need guidance and freedom, challenges and victories. It is our goal to meet these needs, and we sincerely wish to work with parents for the benefit of the students.


  • In religion, the focus is the Old Testament.  Foundations of our Catholic Faith that we develop include:  knowledge of our faith, the sacraments and liturgy, moral formation, prayer, living within the community of our church and in society, and the Theology of the Body.  Throughout the year students participate in and plan school Masses and other activities with their Faith Families.  They study and recite traditional prayers and learn about vocations through guest speakers.  Each month students reflect on one of the Colossians' virtues and participate in activities that bring the virtues to life.  Students contribute to school-wide and class service projects.

  • In language arts, the curriculum involves listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. This includes spelling, grammar, cursive, essays, word study and more. The students read a variety of content which includes both fiction and non-fiction, drama, informational texts, and various other forms.  Writing is often linked with the reading skills, and students learn to organize their writing in essays, narratives, and reports  The goal of all of these is to prepare the students to be highly successful in junior high school and throughout life in written and spoken communication.

  • In math, we follow the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Graded Course of Study which is aligned with the Ohio State Standards. We continue to strengthen skills taught in previous years while emphasizing math vocabulary, fraction operations, algebraic and geometry concepts, decimal operations, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

  • In social studies, the focus is on Eastern Hemisphere and early civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt and Asia. Geography, economics, history, government and religions are all included.

  • In science, there is an integration of four standards:  Science Inquiry and Application, Earth and Space Science, Life Science and Physical Science.  Some of the skills that we work on developing are:  discovering patterns, trends, structures and relationships that may be described by simple principles related to properties within and between systems.  Topics that we focus on are the Earth's natural resources, minerals, rocks, soil formation, and renewable energy.  In Life Science we learn about cells, archaea, bacteria, viruses, protists, fungi, plants and animals.  And in Physical Science we explore energy and motion, properties of atoms and elements, and the arrangement of atoms on the Periodic Table of Elements.  During labs and hands-on activities we improve on designing and conducting scientific investigations and then develop critical thinking skills and how to logically connect evidence and explanations.  

The curriculum also includes art, computers, library, music,  physical education and Spanish.

Updated September 22, 2022

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