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Tuition Collection Policy

Parents may choose one of the following options for tuition payment schedule:

  1. Pay all at one time before school opens.

  2. Pay by semester: August and January.

  3. Pay bi-monthly: August, October, December, February, and April.

  4. Pay monthly: in 10 payments, first payment due by August 1 and the balance due on the first of the month from September 1 through May 1.

Regardless of the schedule chosen, payment must be kept current.

The following tuition policies apply:

  1. Any family who does not have their first tuition payment paid by the August deadline will lose their registration fee and their child(ren)’s name will be removed from class lists to accommodate new registrations. To have their child(ren) put back on class lists, they must pay to re-register their children.

  2. New families who register after the August deadline for the first payment must pay both the registration fee and the first tuition payment at time of registration.

  3. Registration fees are non-refundable. Families who withdraw their child(ren) after having paid the first tuition payment will forfeit the first month’s tuition payment. Exception: families who receive military orders or move out of the Miami Valley.

  4. Dates when tuition payments are due are listed on the Tuition Payment Plan form that every family signs and returns with their registration fee. If a family is delinquent with tuition, and has not notified the office in writing indicating when payment will be made, an additional $25 charge will be added to the tuition due. A grace period of five calendar days from tuition due date will be given. Failure to make payment on date indicated, when extension is requested in writing, will result in the $25 charge. All families are required to enroll in the FACTS Tuition Management Program. Payments need to be made online through the family account.  (Click on FACTS Logo to access this program.)  

Please note this additional charge of $25 will apply if checks are returned from the bank indicating insufficient funds. To avoid this, send in writing when payment will be made.

Families who have not kept current on tuition payments will receive a letter to communicate with the school by a given date, or children will be excluded from school. It is not the intent of the Administration to exclude children from school, but to emphasize to families the need for them to contact the school office to make other arrangements when they cannot make their tuition payments on time.  Year-end report cards will not be released until tuition is brought up to date.


Updated  July 27, 2022

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