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Dear Wonderful Families,

We are so glad you have chosen St. Helen Catholic School for your child’s education. We take this responsibility very seriously and invite you to be an active member of our community.



Monthly Virtues:

As you may be aware, each month our school community focuses on a different virtue. Below you will find the virtues assigned to each month and what they mean. We encourage you to use these at home.


  • August/September:

    • Kindness,  seeing the best in others and having a considerate and generous spirit.​

  • October:

    • Peace, a calm feeling that all will work out well because God is with us.​

  • November:

    • Thankfulness, showing a heartfelt appreciation for all of God’s gifts.​

  • December:

    • Compassion, a better understanding of the suffering of others and a desire to make it better.​

  • January:

    • Humility, putting others before oneself and holding God as a higher importance than our own desires.​

  • February:

    • Love, selfless service to others by your words and actions.​

  • March:

    • Forgiveness, accepting the mistakes of others and not holding it against them.​

  • April:

    • Gentleness, strength tempered by love; using the power to forgive instead of getting angry.​

  • May:

    • Patience, love that is willing to endure life’s suffering, difficulties and routine.​

  • Overall Theme:

    • Unity, being at one with God and each other.

Updated: May 8, 2020

About St. Helen School

Since its opening in 1954, St. Helen School strives to promote the spiritual and intellectual development of every student.  First in the State of Ohio to be certified as a Virtue Based Restorative Discipline School, students are educated in the Catholic Faith, prepared for the sacraments, and attend weekly Mass. St. Helen, located in Riverside, Ohio, is a community that celebrates diversity and welcomes families from areas including BeavercreekDaytonFairbornHuber HeightsRiverside, and military families from Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

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