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St. Helen School  strives to offer a Christ-centered program, which includes teaching the message of Christ, the building of community, and Christian service. Living in a new media age requires the use of new technologies to enable students and teachers to become life-long learners, proficient in the skills necessary to succeed in an ever-changing world. We continually implement and support innovative media to enhance the curriculum.

St. Helen school offers a computer lab available to all classes. Most grades use the lab during the week. The lab is equipped with a smart board, as is all the classrooms. For the primary building, we have a mobile cart with tablets, which the teachers use in their classrooms. Each third through eighth grade student has been assigned a Chromebook to use at school.This one-to-one computing compliments project-based learning and prepares our students better for high school and beyond. 

Primary students learn basic computer skills and terms and have the opportunity to practice subject area skills. Keyboarding skills are taught at all grade levels through an online program. Middle to upper grade students are taught internet safety, effective search methods and how to use /cite Internet sources to avoid plagiarism. Throughout the year, many of the subject classes require students to complete a project involving computer work.

Mrs. Nicolette Young


Updated on January 17, 2019

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