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Message from Our Pastor

St. Helen Parish is so blessed to have such a wonderful school. Also, the school is so blessed to have an enthusiastic parish to support it.  Nothing can compare to leading kids into a wholesome and holy future.

In consultation with parents, faculty and staff, St. Helen’s focuses on two primary goals:

  1. St. Helen will be Catholic to its core. Not all students are Catholic, nor will we ever pressure students to be Catholic. But all students will learn the Catholic traditions and beliefs. We believe that faith can be a great resource for life and love, and we want to offer the best of this to all our students. According to Catholic belief, we are very inclusive, very respectful for all students’ approach to religion. But we are very clear about moral principles and about the centrality of Christ in our lives and in our school.

  2. St. Helen will provide academic excellence for all students. No young person will be able to excel in life without excellent education. Our teachers are our best resource: their caring and their professional skills empower students to continually stretch their current capacities.


With the grace of God, and with the support of committed parents and parishioners, St. Helen School will continue to live up to its great tradition. May God bless us in this!

Father Satish Joseph,
St. Helen Catholic Church
605 Granville Place
Riverside, Ohio 45431
(937) 254-6233

Updated March 13, 2022

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